PIPPIN - Summer Theatre of New Canaan 
"Orli Nativ’s costumes are spectacular..." - Marlene S. Gaylinn, On CT and NY Theatre

"The directors have staged the production very handsomely, with colorful and skillful contributions from the show's design team. ....As his scheming yet seductive wife, Pippin's stepmother, Fastrada, Jodi Stevens is terrific and looks sensational in all of Orli Nativ's glorious costumes." - Zander Opper, "Talkin' Broadway"

"Summer Theatre of New Canaan...its sparkling, spangled and spectacular reimagined production of “Pippin” by Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson. ... With unique costuming and makeup reminiscent of Tarot cards designed by Orli Nativ, wild dance movements courtesy of Doug Shankman, exquisite lighting effects by Colleen Doherty, compelling sound by Ian Loftis, a theater in the round set created by Brad Caleb Lee and spirited music directed by Kenneth Cartman, this production is over-the-top wonderful.- Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle

THE MORTALITY MACHINE - Sinking Ship Creations 
"To be clear (since I’ve invoked Sleep No More several times now) the set is many times smaller than some of the other sprawling immersive theater experiences available.  But great things can come in small packages, and the set and costumes of The Mortality Machine easily meet the same standard when it comes to impeccable precision and attention to detail." -Cameron Page,

THE RAT PACK LOUNGE - Cortland Repertory Theatre
"...scenic designer Adam Crinson's seedy run-down bar feels immersive and real; and Orli Nativ's costume designs evoke the shimmery glamour of the sixties.- Linda Lowen,

WOMEN IN JEOPARDY - Cortland Repertory Theatre
Once again, CRT gets a lot of juice out of the performing space available at Little York Lake. ...Orli Nativ’s costumes are equally effective; everything the actors wear suggests the kind of commonplace reality that actually helps ground the accumulating comedy onstage." -Bryan VanCampen,

CUT THROAT - Abingdon Theatre Company

The costume changes will astound you (flexible and evocative costumes by Orli Nativ) as the supporting players embody the various helicopter parents, child prodigies, and clipboard fascists that make up the toddler-industrial complex.” –Zachary Stewart,

COOL HAND LUKE - Godlight Theatre Company

“The talented people at Godlight Theatre Company don't merely adapt novels to the stage; they take a book, boil it down to its essence, and reimagine it in strikingly theatrical terms. ...Watching the company at work, it's easy to think, why doesn't everyone try it? Clearly, it is harder than it looks, for nobody else is doing it…Orli Nativ's costumes contrast the filthy, sweat-stained prisoners' outfits with the women's neat-as-a-pin day dresses and Boss Godfrey's menacing uniform. …This is the rare theatre company that contributes something indisputably unique to the New York theatre scene.” –David Barbour,

Godlight veterans Maruti Evans, (lighting and set design) and Orli Nativ (costumes) give the show an arresting, chiaroscuro visual style that encapsulates the story’s ambiguities eases the show’s novel-like transitions between different time frames and locations.” – Ethan Kanfer 

James Dickey's DELIVERANCE - Godlight Theatre Company

Nominated for FOUR 2014 Drama Desk Awards

"Godlight Theatre Company’s James Dickey's DELIVERANCE  at 59E59 is a stark, barebones adaptation...In its simplicity it is more a meditation on the themes of the novel...Maruti Evans’ brilliant lighting, Ien Denio’s evocative sound design, Orli Nativ's exacting and witty costumes and the original music by Danny Blackburn & Bryce Hodgson helped flesh out the story." - Jeannie Lieberman,

"With, jeans, cargo pants, utility vests, hunting boots, and plaid shirts, costume designer Orli Nativ has outfitted the cast with rustic authenticity. ...The highly successful artistic collaboration of all the creative talents involved makes this Deliverance a boldly striking work of uniquely theatrical storytelling." - Darryl Reilley,

HAIRSPRAY! - Summer Theatre of New Canaan

Nominated for Best Costume Design, CT 2014

"The Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY won several Tony and Drama Desk Awards. Summer Theatre of New Canaan's production deserves as many accolades for its exceptional production team and stellar cast. ...The colorfully flashy and nostalgically accurate costumes by Orli Nativ complete the look for that unmistakable 60's style."  - Cindy Cardozo,

 THE PILO FAMILY CIRCUS - Godlight Theatre Company

"But the real stunner of the show is its incredible design. All design elements worked together to create a theatrical feast for the eyes, to truly create this twisted circus and impose a constant feeling of impending doom. Orli Nativ’s costume design is outstanding.” –Gina Femia New York Theatre Review

Orli Nativ’s costumes... create the demonic circus atmosphere with full-blooded zest.-Joel Benjamin, 

"The costumes by Orli Nativ are wonderful to look at, especially the clown outfits. All of which are nicely bright and garish, as befitting the characters in question. The lighting and sound effects, by Maruti Evans and Ien DeNio respectively, are also superb." -Judd Hollander,


"The production values are top notch, particularly the costumes by Orli Nativ, who has beautifully created all of our favorite candy and chocolate as apparel – especially the gown worn by Cookie Conwell (Emily McNamara) with a top piece looking like dripping milk chocolate and a bottom of carefully placed lace looking like the wrapper." -June Baird

MAGIC TRICK - Caps Lock Theatre 

A special note of attention goes to light designer Lois Catanazaro and costume designer Orli Nativ because the sexy burlesque wardrobe and creative lighting play such an important role in Magic Trick.” – Aurin Squire, NY Theatre Review