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Created 19-Jul-12
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"Small Prophecies"
by David Myers
directed by Larissa Lury

Baldwin New Play Festival, 2011
UC San Diego, Shank Theater

Scenic design by Gaeun Kim
Lighting design by Wen Ling Liao
Sound design by Emily Jankowski Pezic
Small Prophecies - SkeetSmall Prophecies - Maurice and KellySmall Prophecies - DebSmall Prophecies - Kelly "Playing Boss"Small Prophecies - Skeet and KellySmall Prophecies - Crystal and DebSmall Prophecies - SkeetSmall Prophecies - Maurice, Skeet and KellySmall Prophecies - CrystalSmall Prophecies - Skeet and CrystalSmall Prophecies - End of ShowSmall Prophecies - Skeet CollageSmall Prophecies - Kelly CollageSmall Prophecies - Maurice CollageSmall Prophecies - Crystal CollageSmall Prophecies - Deb CollageSmall Prophecies - Albert Collage